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Air Duct Cleaning

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

There are many methods used to clean duct work today. We believe the best way to clean ducts is to brush them clean. We use a high powered vacuum system with a soft rotating brush. The brush gently scrubs the dirt off the walls of the ducts and the high powered vacuum sucks the loose dirt out of the system.

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A complete duct cleaning job consists of Cleaning the coil and blower compartment first. Then removing all of the registers and grills, taking them outside to be cleaned and sanitized and letting them dry before re installing them. In some cases some or all of the grills and registers may need to be replaced depending on their condition. While the grills are drying we will begin to clean each individual duct run going in threw the vent opening. Our 35 foot hose will reach all the way to the furnace or blower unit. If for some reason the ducts are longer than 35 feet we can still clean them from the other end. Our Brush Beast cleaning system is equipped with multiple hose and brush sizes to enable us to clean any size duct. After the ducts are all clean we will spray a sanitizer into the ducts to kill mold, mildew and bacteria.

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Please be aware that if you see duct cleaning advertised for $79 or something ridiculously low, that this is a scam. Without the proper equipment and knowledge of the entire HVAC system there is no way to perform a proper duct cleaning job. Pricing will vary depending on whether or not you need the coil and blower compartment cleaned. Please call our office for pricing.

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