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Efficient Sealing and Cleaning in North Georgia

Heating and cooling systems get a lot of attention, but the air ducts behind the scenes need attention, too. Ideally, your ducts should be well sealed for efficiency and clean for better indoor air quality. Comfort Control can help you attain both of these.

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Our Red Carpet Air Duct Services

We treat every customer with the type of service that is tried and true for customer satisfaction, offering professional work and genuine passion.

  • Duct Cleaning – Dirty ducts can result in lowered air quality, restricted airflow and a lowered efficiency. Something as simple as a good clean can result in remarkable improvements in those areas.

  • Duct Sealing and Renovation – Are your ducts leaking? You’re not likely to know this unless you’ve had a professional inspection. Air can seep out of holes and poorly connected ducts. Your energy bill could be giving you a hint, however. If it’s higher than normal, you might find relief in having well-sealed ducts.

Our Trusted Company

Comfort Control has been a reliable HVAC company since 1992 when we first started out. Many ducts in the North Georgia area have been cleaned and sealed by us, and we enjoy providing our community with these quality services.

Call us at 770-932-5012 and experience five star top air duct services.

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