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You can enjoy both comfort and cost savings with our HVAC zoning

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Do you know the benefits of home zoning?

More than 73% of homeowners have asserted they’d actually consider settling for less comfort rather than paying for exorbitant energy bills. With a zoning system, however, you can enjoy all the comfort you deserve while still benefiting from reduced utility bills.

To enhance the comfort of your home, consider the benefits of zoning. Zoning can solve all the issues that are associated with a single thermostat. Zoning takes multiple points of control when it comes your heating and cooling systems. The ideal thing about zoning is that it can provide heating and cooling directly where it’s needed in your home. The system employs less energy to fuel your HVAC system but delivers the heating and cooling you need for optimum comfort.

With HVAC zoning, you can carefully regulate elements like timing and the amount of heating and cooling needed. The areas of the home that don’t need heating or cooling will be turned off and prevented from receiving the heat or cooling. In this way, your system requires a reduced amount of energy to operate.

Enjoy Energy Savings Based on Your Schedule

By using a programmable thermostat in the zones of your home, you can increase your cost savings. Many homeowners naturally use only certain areas of the home at particular times of the day or evening. When family members are awake, home zoning allows them to effectively heat or cool the living areas, but not bedrooms. In the evening, the reverse occurs. Within days, the home enjoys a tremendous energy savings that leads to much reduced energy bills.

With today’s improved technology, energy savings does not equate to sacrifice and reduced comfort. Homeowners can adopt a smarter HVAC system that relies on zoning to achieve both comfort and cost savings.

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Installation of Home Zones

Comfort Control is here to provide you with any information you need when it comes to home zones. Our service technicians can visit your home to help you determine what rooms to install thermostats that will control distinct areas of your home’s heating and cooling. Our tech will then help you put together a package of need equipment and carefully install it in your home.

Our installation process is efficient and delivered by expert techs. If you have questions about home zones, be sure to contact Comfort Control. We look forward to helping you improve the comfort of your home.

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